Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long will it take to setup a new company?
For authority, registrations, IFTA and mileage tax enrollment, expect it to take 2-3 weeks, depending on the government agency involved.
2. Do I have to pay for off-road miles?
Sometimes. It really depends on each jurisdiction and type of operation. Idaho for instance allows private property miles to be non-taxable for fuel tax purposes. You will however have to pay sales tax on the fuel instead.
3. Can I report empty miles at my lowest weight on the Oregon mileage tax?
No. In most situations Oregon requires empty miles be reported at the last recorded weight while loaded, until a new load is acquired. However there is an exception for non-divisible loads over 98k lbs.
4. Can I declare multiple weights over 80k lbs in Oregon?
Only if you haul different trailers. In most cases you must only declare the highest loaded weight your truck will operate at in addition to 80k lbs.
5. Do I include reefer or DEF on my IFTA?
No. Only the fuel used to propel the vehicle should be included.
6. Am I exempt from fuel tax in Oregon?
Yes! If your truck is enrolled in their mileage tax program you should not pay the fuel tax.
7. Can I exclude "personal miles" on my IFTA?
No. Every mile driven in the IFTA qualified vehicle must be included in order to calculate an accurate MPG and ensure each state receives its share of fuel tax.
8. Are there any other useful exemptions?
Definitely. For example: GA, MD and NY issued fuel tax holidays in 2022, making some miles and fuel non-taxable during the tax holiday period.
9. What are the odds I receive an audit?
IFTA requires at least 3% of all accounts be audited each year. Oregon reviews all motor carrier accounts every 3 years (over 30,000 accounts each year) to determine which accounts require more scrutiny.
10. Which states do you provide services for?
We currently provide services for companies based in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.
11. How much do you charge?
It really depends on the type of service and time required to complete, but you can expect around $25-$50 per truck per month for auditing records, $15-$50+ for filing taxes, and anywhere between $40-$180 per each application for licensing depending on how involved the work is to complete. Setting up a brand new company is going to involve more time and applications than only taking over your registration renewals and taxes. But compare this to some of our competitors who are charging $200-$500 just to complete a MCS-150 update (a service we only charge $40 to complete). We believe in providing services at a fair price and without cutting corners.