About Us

Truckers Reporting Service, Inc. has been serving trucking companies both large and small for over 50 years. George Hendriksen established TRS in 1971 in his garage and through hard work was able to make TRS a successful small business, providing licensing and tax help for trucking companies across the country. In 1974 and 1976 his sons, Bob and Mike, joined the company and helped to further grow and manage the business. In 1983 George retired and left the company to Bob and Mike. In 2019 Bob retired after 45 years of service. Today the company continues to be family owned and operated.

Our Team

Mike Hendriksen

President - Authority, Licensing, Permits, Mileage/Fuel Taxes - 44 years experience

Keri Hobson

Secretary-Treasurer - Authority, Licensing, Permits, Mileage/Fuel Taxes - 19 years experience

Ryan Hendriksen

Vice President - Audits, Mileage/Fuel Taxes - 13 years experience

Lori Chapman

Agent - Audits, Mileage/Fuel Taxes - 4 years experience